DECEMBER 12, 2018

Dear Cake,

You find yourself wondering lately if men have a 6th sense of knowing when a woman has just been heartbroken or, if in reality you are beginning to notice other people notice you because the energy you've been putting out.

As much as you're learning and growing as a person, something has been hindering your full potential.


Respect, right? You're the mother of his children & you a fiercely loyal companion for a decade. You know you deserve explanations, answers, apologies, but you'll never get them.

Closure will happen when you're able to accept the answers you have and move on, even though you know you're worth more than the experience you've endured.

Closure will be forgiving things you don't know about or have honest answers about.

Just when you think you have it all figured out, another tall mountain appears.

Guess I'm going to start climbing it because I am so over this hurt.