NOVEMBER 13, 2018

Dear Cake,

Hi-five on the single-mommin' it today. Got the kids up, ready, fed, packed, & loaded for "school". 28 degrees this morning. Kids thought that was the perfect time to find any surviving flower in the yard. Part of you wanted to let them explore, but the other part couldn't feel your hands & you were late. You can't stand being late. You promised your daughter a dinosaur princess & your son, cars. All of the cars just to get in the car. Your stomach was turned into a knot on the drive. You were convinced your marital "secret" had found it's way to the school. You prepared yourself for the stares, 'I'm sorry's', & casseroles. You assumed because your whole world was flipped upside down that it affected everybody else, too. You knew deep down nobody knew anything. You have started to prepare yourself for 'attacks', before the attacks even happen, or, not happen. Keep an eye on's your shadow trait trying to rear it's head, again.

Also, your life is an actual movie, no joke.

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