DECEMBER 2, 2018

Dear Cake,

2. The Law of Magnetism; co-exists with previous law, as well as tomorrow's law.

It's fascinating to watch your children try to figure out why magnets stick to certain things and not others. If not for their obvious toddler age, you'd be inclined to believe they've hit the winning jackpot at one of Las Vegas' finest slots when that tiny magnet magically sticks to something else and stays.

Their eyes light up & the 'look mommy, it works here' are in full force. They are in awe of magnets; polarity.

The people you haven't seen in forever but happen to randomly bump into are your magnets. The strangers you interact with & feel compassion for & the compassion is reciprocated; magnets.

Everyone in your life is here based on what you have projected into the universe.

Your thoughts are the command center of your magnet. Keep them positive & free of doubt.

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