DECEMBER 22, 2018


    If anyone has survived divorce with an emotionally abusive, controlling, manipulative ex please send tips.

    Of course I am aware of the master plan; to make me buckle from sheer exhaustion by screwing with my mind. Making me out to be the bad guy. Using my children as pawns. Suddenly realizing how good I had it & bam, divorce off the table. Or, maybe I will cave in & agree to a better deal for him than he deserves.

    Not happening. In fact, it only pisses me off that much more. I put my boundaries up, that are forever disrespected, & I refuse to play the games. However, this makes him big mad & the abuse gets worse. Currently, I'm getting the silent treatment because I exist. I'm getting the silent treatment from a man who secretly recorded/cammed me in the bath/shower for 4 months.

    This is going to take forever to settle & even when it's over, the games won't stop because we have children together.

    Sometimes staying in the marriage seems easier. But then I remember I don't like pansies.

    The remedy to pansy behavior:

    Putting together a barbie dreamhouse, alone.....

    I can take on the world now. Legit feel empowered, granted there weren't any screws & tools needed. That's on tonight's agenda with some other overpriced kids crap.

    If you see a missile shooting through the sky, it's just me being done with screws & pansies.