DECEMBER 9, 2018

Dear Cake,

While kids were napping you spent that money wisely. Invested in yours & the kids futures. Turning a hobby into a legit profession that will give the gift of memories to other happy humans & things...

Paying it forward while getting paid.

To do what you love.

When you let the universe lead opportunities come knocking at your door. You are living proof.

These opportunities won't fill the emptiness from betrayal but they will distract you. One day they'll distract you enough that you won't even think about the current situation(s) you find yourself in. The lonliness & utter confusion will be replaced by success.

This isn't easy...The emotions and revelations you experience are debilitating at times.

And then you remember that you are the captain of your ship & you carry on, fully trusting God & his plan for you.

Cheers to doors opening that will certainly lead to success; the kids will be proud & you will be, too.

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