FEBRUARY 10, 2019

This particular song, got me through the toughest times. Like the time I sat in the parking lot of the hospital, my mom inside. She'd just had a lobe of her lung removed to try & get the cancer. I'd just found a hidden camera in my bathroom. It was almost an out of body experience; I just sat. I listened to this song at least 75x & finally snapped out of this horrible, tranquil state. I put on a smile, greeted the doctors, & earned daughter of the year with tending to my mother, despite the explosion I'd left down the road.

I still look back at days like those & wonder how in the actual hell I made it through.

Damage has defined our border

All that matter forged in flame

Knowing little of your wounding

Share our mending all the same

Weight of words and wars we carried

I'm like you, just like you

Eyes of secret and storm and story

But shared, and well, we'll make it through

Sadness like a pendulum

Pulls us round and to and fro

Onus Fate and Undo Odium

Armor, anchor, lead and stone

By the telling let them become

Will they all be feathers?

Eyes of secret storm and story

Show and tell, we'll make it through

Onus Fate and Undo Odium

Armor, anchor, lead and stone

By the telling

may they become

May they all be feathers

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