FEBRUARY 21, 2019

Have you ever been through the entire grieving process from losing a life-changing relationship?

Will I just wake up one day & it's over? Or, are there any signs I can maybe start watching for?

Things are definitely getting better but there are still those moments that intense sadness overtakes me, uncontrollably. For example, passing the box my wedding ring sits in = instant tears. Seeing the kids playhouses & swing set in the backyard, untouched since last fall when everything fell apart = instant tears. Even seeing his stupid contact solution = tears. Random things = uncontrollable water releases.

What happened to strong Cake?

God is giving me the best storm right now to wash away the negativity trying to creep back in.

That God... always looking out for his Cake.

He really texted to me, what about until death do us part? heh.

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