FEBRUARY 23, 2019

    I spent this morning at a co-parenting class for the big D (divorce). There were 9 females in it all either in the middle of a divorce, or have had it recently finalized.

    I kid you not, more than half of the women spoke of filing for divorce because of pornography, cheating, or just overall crappy sexual behavior.

    I was shocked. I sat there with my jaw on the floor thinking No way. You too?!?

    2 of them had stories so similar to mine it was almost unbelievable.

    So, yes. Porn/sex addiction is an epidemic tearing apart families. 3 out of 9 had their basic human rights to privacy violated by their husbands.

    I wrote a little note to the 2 others that had stories like mine.

    I hope they take the plunge & heal.