FEBRUARY 24, 2019

The death of Cake's soul took a decade to happen. Time measured by meaningful moments grew so very slow. I became a character in The Neverending Story, dying in the swamp of sadness.

It was only when signs I could not ignore appeared that I realized unless I did something, my time here on Earth would be spent failing to resist conformity & power; control. I would become a human version of The Nothing. I would have no meaningful moments that give our souls what they need to thrive. The death of a soul doesn't last forever. Eventually, it really does die & then what? I don't want to find out that answer.

My time here is going to mean something. My soul has been reborn & I've been taking really good care of it.

Cake has a new lease on life & I'm guarding this soul with everything in me. Nothing is going to hurt me or my new & improved soul ever again.

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