JANUARY 14, 2019

Dear Cake,

Your first real fight in this war begins tomorrow morning. In a room will be your husband, his attorney, you, & yours, facing off. You will be hit with insincere questions regarding your sex life & everything you've accused him of....they'll question your state of mind, ability to parent, and anything else they can try & use as scare tactics.

This will go on for hours. 3 men & you; questions of fetishes, hidden cameras, body parts.. abuse, ranging from sexual to psychological.

If there's anything that is going to test your strength, it will be tomorrow.

Screw this hell I didn't sign up for.

I am surrendering to gravity and the unknown

Catch me, heal me, lift me back up to the sun

I choose to live, I choose to live

Next day:


5 years ago, I would have been intimidated & a blubbering mess.

Not today, Satan, not today.

Your girl has apparently grown immensely in the past couple of months. I held my own & then some as his attorney hurled heinous accusations/questions at me.

Are you melodramatic? Do you think you're crazy? Aren't you a little narcissistic? Are you sure you were traumatized? Maybe your paranoid. How many men have you slept with? Do you use toys to masturbate? Why did you threaten to call the cops when you found the hidden camera? Why haven't you told all of your friends? Humiliation & shame, you say? Why are you humiliated? Because your basic human rights were violated? How were those violated? You think you were violated because you were filmed in your own home?? Are sure you're not the crazy one?????????????

I took no crap from him or his attorney. No one will dehumanize me ever again & I made that very apparent today.

I kicked ass & I'm so proud of myself.

The truth will always set you free.

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