NOVEMBER 25, 2018

Dear Cake,

7 years ago today.

You prepared to say your vows before God, family, friends, & spirits. You drifted in and out of sleep, finding comfort in the fact that your soul was about to become intertwined with someone who you truly thought loved you. You didn't realize 7 years ago that some people have distorted views of love at no fault of their own.

Your wedding dress, hanging in the closet. You imagined how breathtaking you would look the next day.

You were about to marry your true love.

How devastating it turned out as it has. Tomorrow, you will not answer the obligatory 'Happy Anniversary' calls/texts from oblivious family/friends. You will not open any cards addressed to you both as a married couple; you know their contents would bring you to your knees.

Most noted, tomorrow's date will forever remind you that you loved unconditionally. You loved with everything in you. You meant & believed in your vows.

Devastating. The addiction won & you feel worthless.

However, you wouldn't change a thing. Only those in your shoes would understand.

Do not become your own worst enemy. Work hard to repair your faults. Put selfishness aside. Be grateful for the person standing beside you. You will destroy a human & their idea of love for eternity if you don't.

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