NOVEMBER 26, 2018

Dear Cake,

Instead of sobbing into your wedding gown on your anniversary, you've been reading up on something called impaired empathy.

Knowing that someone is in pain is an uncomfortable feeling for most people. It makes you want to help them.

Knowing someone is in pain & choosing to be insensitive, is impaired empathy.

People become nothing more than shadows to the impaired empathetic & they fully believe these shadows are responsible for bringing the crazy inside of their universe. Projection.

Impaired empathy is prevalent amongst those with internet addictive disorder, which you believe might go hand in hand with a modern day sex addict.

Internet = high

Internet isn't enough.

Internet + porn = a high on steroids.

It all starts with the internet (for most).

Only those who are depressed or are psychopaths display impaired empathy.

You'd be willing to bet, 80% of the human race that doesn't show empathy are most likely depressed individuals just naturally fighting/flighting as a defense mechanism.

The other 20%, psychopaths.

Anywho, you made it another day. You made it Thanksgiving, your wedding anniversary, & next up is Christmas. You can get past Christmas & then guess what, Cake? It's going to be a new year. It's the date you cannot wait to see.

January is named after Janus, god of gateways and beginnings. 2018 Janus didn't let me down.....hope her 2019 revealings are kinder.

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