OCTOBER 26, 2018

    Dear husband,

    Continuing thoughts from last night's journal...

    What if your sex addiction came second to a primary intimacy anorexia addiction?

    At 15, instead of developing what "we" think is a sex addiction, you actually learned intimacy anorexia behavior first, and the sex addiction came second.

    By your therapist thinking & preaching sex addiction as your primary problem, she has failed to recognize that by not assessing the entire situation (one-on-ones w/ me; open to my feedback; acknowledge my concerns, basically, more than just your words) that this has had devastating consequences for us & our children. She is causing problems (hoping to make that $) & this is absolutely not the way a dignified CSAT should work. I know it's hard to hear you have a minor brain glitch, but dude, it's fixable. You deserve a great life & are capable.

    My mission is to find a therapist that will do their damn job & quit making traumatized spouses do all the leg work. I shouldn't have had to spend my time doing this quack's work. I mean, I can, but Jesus, I want paid, too.