OCTOBER 31, 2018

Remember in the movie The Neverending Story when Atreyu & his horse, Artax, came upon the swamp of sadness? Artax was slowly slipping into the swamp as Atreyu desperately pulled on the horse, screaming & pleading for Artax to just try. Artex sank under the swamp of sadness. He gave up to The Nothing and Atreyu is left alone, sobbing for his horse.

I've been feeling like Atreyu; gutted, hopeless, & lost.

I've also been feeling like I took LSD (just for record, I have never taken LSD); euphoric, distorted, & the door to my unconscious mind has been opened, letting pent up emotions run free.

I am Artex.

I am Atreyu.

I wish I was the childlike empress, instead; ruler of fantasia & full of wisdom.

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