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on disrespect.

Oh my, where does one start with the utter failure that the red pilled manosphere is becoming? From publicly shaming human beings for their choice in attire to degrading name-calling when one goes against their (bullying) dialect, the message that once helped a generation of lost men has now become a message lost in translation. Power has replaced loving thy neighbor, shaming has replaced human decency, & the almighty dollar bill has replaced genuine help.

As I've stated in another write-up, I like men. I think they are vital to the continuation of a civilized society as providers, protectors, & many more attributes that are different from what women bring to the table. I want to support men helping men but when it's done in such an egocentric and crude manner, it makes supporting their movement quite difficult. Why has this camaraderie of men sharing advice and helping other men taken a massive nosedive?

Last night I witnessed a grown man, an influential leader of the manosphere, publicly shame another man for how he was dressed. If that wasn't bad enough, other insecure mansheeples jumped on the shame train and joined in on mocking & degrading this unsuspecting individual who'd had his photo taken & posted as some sort of "what not to wear if you want to be muh macho man" piece of advice. After my shock and *tiny* bit of rage subsided, it became clear what is happening to the manosphere; PROJECTION & EGO.

It was blatantly obvious as I watched more and more grown men & women join in to comment on this poor man's articles of clothing, acting like a bunch of high school bullies, that these people actually just didn't like themselves.

If you know anything about bullies, they are insecure humans with little self-worth. They project their insecurities onto others because this makes them feel better in their delusional (and very sad) minds. They have to tear others down to build themselves up and it is a viscous cycle that can lead to some very real-life consequences such as driving their target to suicide.

What these people don't understand, or maybe they do and don't give a shit because power > decency to them, is that it's quite hypocritical to teach others how to be the best versions of themselves/gender while not dealing with their own ego problems most likely caused from some kind of trauma not being dealt with. So essentially, the manosphere is left with a bunch of egocentric wounded men leading the blind and the blind, blindly following along.

It's like a virus spreading, taking with it the very core of what makes anyone their best them, their character. It's not the clothes you wear that make you a man. It's not how many chicks you can sleep with that make you a man. It's not how much money you make. It's your character. That simple. Character is only grown when you face yourself and your demons & deal with them properly. Running from them and hiding behind your ego might cost someone else their life at your expense & it certainly doesn't add any value to evolving humankind.

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