on flying monkeys.

Take your army to the Haunted Forest and bring me that girl and her dog. Do what you like with the others, but I want her alive and unharmed. They’ll give you no trouble, I promise you that. I’ve sent a little insect on ahead to take the fight out of them. Take special care of those ruby slippers. I want those most of all. Now, fly! Fly!

In the 1939 movie, The Wizard of Oz, there is a scene where Dorothy, the lion (with no courage), the scarecrow (with no brain), & the tin man (with no heart) are walking through the dark forest and stop at a wooden sign the lion reads aloud "I'd turn back if I were you."

The scene then eventually cuts to a couple of monkeys resembling gargoyles, the wicked witch hovering over them and a crystal ball in the tower of her castle, watching in real time on the crystal ball what is happening to Dorothy & the 3 musketeers as they timidly move forward on the path in this dark and unfamiliar forest.

The wicked witch then directs the monkeys, with her nasally, nails on a chalkboard voice, to go get Dorothy & bring her back unharmed, and as she's saying this to the weird looking monkeys, that creepy music starts playing, she finishes her orders, starts cackling, and the camera zooms out where you can see these weird monkeys jumping out of the window, one by one, & take off flying, hundreds of others flying in the distance, all on a mission to do the dirty work for the witch.

*side note, toss-up between this scene & Artex drowning in the swamp of sadness (The Neverending Story) for most traumatizing childhood movie scene ever

Carrying on, this scene with the flying monkeys is intended to represent the creatures who are pathological, just like the witch, enthusiastic about their role in helping an idealized and false thing protect their false identity, thriving on the breadcrumbs they get when "good little monkey", desperate for the thing that holds their worth to give them praise, follows orders.


I wrote last night on the harassment I've had to endure from my ex's live-in girlfriend, and in that writing, I spoke of flying monkeys, and I want to expand on this because...

most of you who have followed me for a while and have read my writings and tweets, know I am almost autistic regarding how things work in patterns, micro to macro/macro to micro, and I am particularly passionate in patterns of human behavior and the effect it is having on us a collective society - basically, I fully believe we are more pathological than not, statistic-wise, and this, THIS, is why modern society cannot get itself together enough to

e v o l v e


I always start my pattern recognition at a foundational level of the human body; There is a lot you can learn from how the body, nervous system, organs, all of it working together to keep the human system cohesive and working for the benefit of the whole human. However, you could end up like my mom who had a really bad thing infiltrate this system of hers - a thing that also brought its friends and they all eventually took over everything needed for her to sustain life; That very first bastard of a cancer cell winning because the friends did its dirty work. This is the micro.

That initial cancer cell, and the cancer cells that followed, slowly killing her, at a larger scale are the people in this world/society that do zero good for the collective to keep us thriving and evolving in a positive direction.

t h e p a t h o l o g i c a l

The pathological are a peculiar bunch; extreme self-hate, they tend to have had some kind of childhood trauma, and seek to remain in power, stopping at nothing to remain in control because their lives are such shit shows. BUT, they'll never let you know how much they loathe who they are, how they lay in bed at night and sadistically pre-meditate the demise of another human being so that they can feel better about themselves. Oh no, instead, they wear masks of charm, mirroring those they target (usually strong, empathetic, intelligent humans), until they've captured their prey.

With enough time, the prey being everything the pathological person is not (a real good vs evil dichotomy), and with enough internal self-worth, will start to figure out that what's happening to them is pretty screwed up, that they are being dehumanized and abused by the pathological person and so they try to leave.

This is where I get mad at the JuSt IgNoRe ThEm-ers, those that victim shame the ones that are already terrified, taking even worse sinister, covert abuse from the disordered than they previously did now that they've left and HAVE IGNORED THEM. The ignorant and arrogant that don't understand what fuckery the abuser will start doing when they see they are losing control, their victim sees under the mask, and they aren't wanted - the worst kind of hit to their ego.


Micro to Macro, the initial cancer cell, identified as Satan, has silently been recruiting the cells that have appeared normal, floating through your body, hanging out with your other healthy cells - the monkeys with wings wearing masks (these defected cells have a way of finding each other, becoming clumps of yuckiness). The masks make these monkey cells look normal, but underneath they know they are so irrelevant, that they sign up to be the initial cancer cells bitch just to get a pat on the head by a false idol. And, inside all of these cells wearing masks, is a hollow pit of rot, nihilistic emptiness, and a deep fear of that hollowness being exposed.

At a human level, these cancer cells that find a God in their leader instead of Satan, have a drive inspired by the need to be somebody - all attention on them, because hollow. Their need for validation overrides common decency, empathy, and logic, instead, the validation they seek comes from needing to bring others down to the level of their master and them - worthlessness.

They will terrorize the innocent victim(s) of their leader, have no qualms about harassing the parent of the children shared with the main abuser, becoming an abuser themselves, and justify it all as "concern", "care", "help". As long as the flying monkey's needs are being met by their leader (head pat and back scratch), that is enough for them to thrive, disregarding the unethical ways in which they do so.


Circling back, just like that scene in The Wizard of Oz where the camera pans out and you can see hundreds of monkeys flying, directed by the wicked witch, it is happening all around us - these flying monkeys. From the ones that do the dirty bidding for the pathological in our government to the mom that puts on a facade at the local PTA meeting while destroying vulnerable humans on the side.

Pathology is everywhere - and I see it. I see it because I live it. I have to wake up to nonsensical tweets from the cancer cell that wears a mask to please the master cell, a cell hell-bent on pleasing another hollow thing for some sense of worth.

A healthy cell at a macro level uses logic, compassion, sympathy, empathy when making considerations about another cell; They don't feel the need to watch/spy on another human being or collective, to maliciously make false claims, threats, and most importantly, try to disrupt the life of another human being, especially when children are involved, as most healthy cells realize that silently stalking and terrorizing another cell is not normal. The healthy cells are busy trying to survive the bad ones, they are busy valuing and living life.

In closing, because I'm starving again, these tiny, empty, fearful cells - the flying monkeys at a societal level, are what is killing us. It's not the "elite", the politicians, the tyrannists that are tearing us apart, it is their flying monkeys, those willing to do anything for the Satan's of this world because that is all they think they are worth, and the amount of people who have no self-worth and latch onto these sadists like white on rice, is astounding. And the damage they are causing to good Americans plus the added bystander effect, is what will do us in.

Mark my words.