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on misguided hu(man)s.

I want to preface this article by saying I am not a feminist nor am I a hashtagredpilledwoman. I consider myself a melting pot of ideas, beliefs, & subsequent actions based on basically, not becoming a sheep. Learning to differentiate between those who know their shit, for lack of better terms, & those just following along with the fad of the month in hopes their projections won't go unnoticed so they can make the almighty dollar, will lead you to identify with nothing but yourself & an inner world of highly intriguing and open-minded people that don't conform, rather, see the bigger picture. So, with that said, I want to talk about the manosphere, the red-pilled alpha men that are absolutely f**king things up for their so-called "bros".

I like men. Not in the "I want to sleep with every one of them" way but I do believe men are a vital part to ensuring mankind evolves in a forward, synergistic movement. Men protect us, they are our rational being when we're an emotional mess over our nail polish chipping right before an important dinner, they are our providers, often working so that the female can stay home and raise the kids. They deserve so much credit and I don't negate them for a second. What I do have a problem with is this red-pill movement that is slinging so much misinformation around, it kind of makes me terrified & thinking less of the female species, too.

If you've ever been on Twitter & have seen the hashtagredpill you will start to notice a vast majority of these men seem like members of the Three Stooges Women's Hater Club. Having gone through my own betrayal & marriage to a sociopath, all I see is PROJECTION, PROJECTION, PROJECTION with a little gaslighting sprinkled on top.

For instance, today I saw an article from a hardcore red-piller that stated the birth control pill led to the sexual-revolution and feminism. It further went on to state that because of this oral contraceptive, women became sexually unhinged (my own words) & embraced the "hit it or quit it" mentality of men, making us equal to our male counterparts in the eyes of sexual promiscuity. I don't know about you other females, but my birth control package never said, "let your leash loose, girlfriend, get your sloot on". The further I got into the article the more I'm screaming at my phone "what do you mean birth control started the sexual revolution?! Ever hear of the roaring 20's, the flappers, the wartime rendezvous between both genders, ya koolaid-drinker?!" It got worse the more I scrolled up.

Peak rage came when I read that because of the correlation between birth control and the #metoo movement (I don't know either), men now fear being in situations with women by themselves. Normal situations like friendly, platonic, healthy opposite gender relationship type of situations. From what I gathered, women not only started the sexual revolution because of birth control but they also made it impossible for platonic friendships between genders. WAT?

Oh! Can't let this one get swept under the rug: according to the mighty misguided alpha, birth control & women jumping on anything that moves because of this contraceptive has also led to females forcing men to create what's now known as "game". Apparently birth control came with a free ticket to ride the studliest male so the weak ones had to learn new methods to get *their* needs fulfilled from the XX chromosome type. Double WAT.

I don't know, maybe I'm bitter. Maybe I'm right in calling out the obvious misconceptions of history and its influence on the great divide between genders. Maybe, just maybe, we should all do some of our own research & our own soul searching to decide what has caused the rift between the Adam's and Eve's in today's society.

It couldn't be the narratives shoved down our throats from misguided humans, could it?

Think for yourselves & don't blame. Blame is nothing but projection. Projection sold to other misguided misfits leads to the downfall of society. Love one another by loving yourself; make up your own mind & for the love of God, don't follow the herd. *Most* chicks are cool, I swear.

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