Hi, I'm Cake, & I had a crisis.

During the summer of 2018 with no warning, my quintessential American dream life abruptly came to a halt.

In less than a month I went from a seemingly normal, almost boring life, to one of utter chaos and destruction. My mother was diagnosed with stage 3 lung cancer and a couple of weeks later I found out my husband was living a double life.  Because this wasn't hard enough to navigate (ha), I also have toddler twins that very much depend on me.

A darkness came over me I akin to being lost at sea. Alone & confused; disoriented & scared. It was in these dark moments I heard my inner voice telling me to look deep within if I wanted the answer to survival.

I plunged into the giant waves of uncertainty and I dug deep. It was, and still is, the hardest but most rewarding journey to self-discovery one could go on.

I decided to chronicle this journey from victim to survivor by writing in a journal almost daily. Writing held me accountable so I wouldn't slip into depression and other not so fun disorders trauma can cause. It helped me make sense of events I couldn't make sense of; it helped provide the narrative I had blocked out due to the aftermath of these events.

Through my journals, meditation, and other therapy, I have become someone I hardly recognize. Strong, resilient, & excited for the future.

It has been the most devastating experience I have ever had to endure & the work to heal isn't easy. However, the rewards are endless if you choose to dig through the trenches and rewrite your story. Don't let trauma define you; rise above and live a life worth living.