During the summer of 2018 I had crisis after crisis and instead of cakes, I got something sweeter - my soul back.

Weeks after sitting with my mother in her doctor's office as he told her she had lung cancer, I found a hidden camera my spouse had put in our master bathroom to record me. 

(yes, you read that right)


In the following weeks, I sort of hovered outside of my body - numb and scared. I didn't know what to do. I was a stay at home mother of toddler twins, my spouse was secretly recording me, and my biggest cheerleader had just been diagnosed with a fatal disease.

As time went on the anger, resentment, and extraordinary amounts of pain were building within me like a volcano ready to erupt. I needed an outlet or I was going to explode like Mount St. Helens.


And, I wrote. I didn't stop writing. 

I journaled almost daily the raw feelings and experiences I was going through as I tried to maneuver my way out of this hell I had found myself in.  Starting a week after I found out my spouse had betrayed me, I chronicled my reality as I knew it.

As I wrote, I was able to start making sense of what was going on in my world. It also helped some of my past traumas from childhood resurface which later helped me face my shadows in my healing journey. 

Journaling has been therapeutic for me - it uncovers those things I have buried deep within me and I have been able to put together the puzzle pieces of who I am at my core.

I started this site with the intention to give hope to those who find themselves betrayed or traumatized. My raw journals aren't always pretty but as you read, you can see the transformation in me. Healing is hard but it's obtainable and when you choose to become the master of who you are, you will find the gifts at the end of the journey worth it. 


  • only child

  • artist - writer, painter, photographer

  • music gives me life

  • i wanted to be a storm chaser and my first major in college was meteorology

  • i'm torn on the MBTI but test as an INFJ - kind of explains my desire to be alone

  • i've read at least 5000 books

  • i'm 1/8 Native American but no one believes me because of my pasty complexion

  • i'm obsessed with the neverending story and the wizard of oz

  • okra is my favorite food

  • i love to people watch - airports are the best

  • my middle name is a weed

  • i danced ballet for over 17 years

  • i have seen every episode of Grey's Anatomy so i'm almost a doctor